This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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NEW LOCATION IN GARDEN GROVE IS NOW OPEN!!! We offer toddler class (from 18months), preschool (from 2yrs to 5yrs), kindergarten and also school age programs, 1st grade to 6th grade. It has a beautiful playground and many fruit trees, wonderful atmosphere place, upgraded classroom and with very good and experienced teachers.

New Location:
9221 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

714- 283-2857


7:00am-7:00pm (Mon-Fri)


3 Tips for Keeping Your Little Ones Safe at School

Sending your children off to school can be an exciting time. It is a huge milestone in the life of your child but it can also be terrifying, knowing that your little one is going to be away from you for much of the day. This is probably the first time you and your child have been separated for an extended period of time and it can be understandably nerve-wracking. So what can you do to put your mind at ease and to ensure that your child is safe at their local Montessori learning center in Orange, California?

Here are three effective tips that can help keep your little one safe at Kindergarten:

  • Have Them Memorize Your Contact Information

    Most schools will have you provide your contact information. However, during emergencies or certain situations, the school may not have access to this information. For this reason, it is important for you to have your little one memorize your contact information such as phone number, home address, work address, and work number. However, this is a lot of information and your child may forget it, so you will also want to have it written down and placed in an easily accessible location such as their bag or jacket.

  • Give Them a Password

    A password is an important safety tool for your child. Basically, it will inform your little one if it is safe to go with someone they do not recognize. For example, if something happened to you and you are unable to pick up your children, you could send someone down to pick them up. However, since your little ones will not recognize that person, you can provide a password to let them know it is safe.

  • GPS Tracking

    We have a wide range of technology at our disposal that our parents did not have. So it is a good idea to use this to our benefit. One such device is a wrist-watch that offers GPS tracking. Your little one will think it is awesome to have a watch and you will be able to know their exact location at all times. These devices also come with an array of features, such as the ability to set invisible boundaries that will alert you when crossed.

Those are just a few of the many different factors to consider when you want to make sure your child is as safe as possible at school. If you would like to find out more about safety or about our child care service in Garden Grove, California, please free to get in touch with Shepherd Montessori Learning Center for more information anytime.

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