This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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5 Tips to Bringing Montessori into Your Home

5 Tips to Bringing Montessori into Your Home

The learning process does not begin nor end solely inside a Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California. Learning takes place in children wherever they may be. In this case, we can definitely say that the home is one where a lot of learning happens. After all, the children go back home after school.

Reinforcing the things that the little ones have learned at school is crucial. Reinforcing happens at home and is facilitated by the parents. Does it make sense to bring the Montessori approach into your home? Yes, it does!

But, how do you make your home an environment that promotes self-learning or child-centered education? The following are several tips any parent like you can make use of.

  1. Remove clutter.

    Clutter creates confusion and even increases the safety risks in any environment. Keep the home clutter free for the safety and peace of mind not only of your children but the entire household, as well. Let go of the things that you or your children do not really need.

    Clutter takes years to accumulate. You might be overwhelmed with the amount of clutter you have now. Start small!

  2. Create space.

    The Montessori method features a lot of space, a minimalist approach to creating a learning environment. Such space is used by students to interact with learning materials and learn. It also enables them to take a look around and get the materials that easily catch their eyes.

  3. Organize learning materials.

    If you take a look at the learning environment of a provider of Child Care Service in Garden Grove, California, you can definitely see how organized different things are. Almost every item has its own place. As a result, it is easier for teachers or students to find what they need for learning.

    Organize the learning materials you have at home accordingly. Display them in shelves so that your little ones can readily access them whenever their desire for learning is on the go.

  4. Bring in different learning materials and toys.

    For your little children to learn a lot, you need to bring in diversity in terms of the learning materials and toys that they use. Invest in safe and high-quality learning materials. After coming home from Kindergarten or school, your children would want to check out these items.

  5. Feature something of interest to your children every day.

    Set up an area with the sole purpose of featuring a new item for your children to interact with every day. The item, when featured in a conspicuous area, will pique your youngsters’ interest.

Enroll your child at Shepherd Montessori Learning Center! Our safe environment along with our highly trained teachers encourage your little ones to learn with no pressure. As a result, they develop inherent skills, refine them and creatively utilize them for success. Call us today!

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