This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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NEW LOCATION IN GARDEN GROVE IS NOW OPEN!!! We offer toddler class (from 18months), preschool (from 2yrs to 5yrs), kindergarten and also school age programs, 1st grade to 6th grade. It has a beautiful playground and many fruit trees, wonderful atmosphere place, upgraded classroom and with very good and experienced teachers.

New Location:
9221 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

714- 283-2857


7:00am-7:00pm (Mon-Fri)


Effective Ways to Keep Children Learning Over the Holidays

Effective Ways to Keep Children Learning Over the Holidays

Learning doesn’t have to stop when the school gates close for the holidays. Help foster a deep love for education and discovery in your children with the following tips and tricks that we at Shepherd Montessori Learning Center have found are very effective and fun!

Going to Museums
Museums are a wellspring of great wisdom and knowledge. They offer a dynamic opportunity for parents to expose their kids to new experiences in a rich and educational setting.

One study testifies to the educational and personal benefits of visiting a museum.

It found that kids who visited museums:

  • Demonstrated stronger critical thinking skills
  • Displayed higher levels of social tolerance
  • Exhibited greater historical empathy
  • Developed a taste for art museums and cultural institutions

Let Them Sit with Their Boredom
Children living in the digital age are used to having constant entertainment and instant gratification. Allowing them some time to unplug and be alone with themselves can give them that much-needed time for quiet reflection and imagination.

Discuss Current Events
Discuss timely events from the media with your children in a safe, age-appropriate way. This encourages them to be aware of issues in the world, as well as analyze them from different angles.

Our Montessori Learning Center in Garden Grove, California values the skill of life-long learning and strives hard to implement it in all our lessons to cultivate the love for advancement and education to all our students.

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