This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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How To Make Your Children Help You With Household Chores


While household chores are not part of the activities within a Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California, doing them will help your children learn about the different things that prepare them for such a step. How do you make them help you with doing the chores?

The following suggestions can work out for you.

  • Get them involved while they are still young. Before reaching Kindergarten, your little ones should already understand the concept of doing the household chores. Keep them involved with doing and completing household tasks as early as possible so they can familiarize and get used to them. But, do not expect them to do everything perfectly. They are still developing so the result will not be as good as when you do it.
  • Let them choose which chores they want to do. List down a number of chores that they can already do according to their age and physical abilities. Letting them choose the chores they want to do makes you look less bossy to them. It will also show how sincere they are in assisting you since they have the option to do what they can do.
  • Show them how to do things. You need to show them how chores are supposed to be done step by step. They are not born to know everything so you should start from the top.
  • Give them enough time. It will take some time for your little youngsters to really know how to go about each chore. Completing a task will also take a certain period of time. Be patient. Allow them to do the chore at their own pace.
  • Find household tools that your young ones can use. There are household tools that can be modified for children’s use. For instance, certain brands of vacuum cleaners have sizes suitable for children.
  • Do the chores together. It is important that all individuals in the family do the chores together. Otherwise, those who are doing something might think that you are not being fair to them. Additionally, it becomes a bonding activity.
  • Do not forget to thank them for helping you. Remember, you are your children’s role model. Set a good example of gratitude by thanking them for helping you out.

Enroll your youngsters at Shepherd Montessori Learning Center where they can learn new things while having fun at the same time. If you have questions about our Child Care Service in Garden Grove, California, please contact us online today!

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