This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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NEW LOCATION IN GARDEN GROVE IS NOW OPEN!!! We offer toddler class (from 18months), preschool (from 2yrs to 5yrs), kindergarten and also school age programs, 1st grade to 6th grade. It has a beautiful playground and many fruit trees, wonderful atmosphere place, upgraded classroom and with very good and experienced teachers.

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Key Advantages of Playing with Building Blocks

Key Advantages of Playing with Building Blocks

A child’s sense of independence is among the highlights of our programs and learning goals as a Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California. We recognize that children can learn on their own when they are given a free rein albeit supervised. This is the daily scenario of our multi-age classes. Children go and have their own exploration inside the classroom and at a designated time, they are huddled together to share about what they’ve learned.

One activity that we recognize as independence-nurturing in a child is playing with building blocks. Consider the following benefits when your child engages with this activity.

  • Better Eye-hand Coordination

    For toddlers who are still developing in their fine motor skills, playing with building skills is one option you can go to help them. With building blocks, the child learns how to coordinate the actions of what they see and what they hold on to. As they stack these blocks on top of each other, they are discovering that their hands can reach out to something that they have seen.

  • Improved Senses

    Most of your child’s senses are involved when they play building blocks. Aside from seeing and touching, they also get to hear the sound of how these blocks hit each other as these are stacked or as these fell to the floor. They can also taste or smell these, but you need to keep them from doing so as these can be agents of infection, especially if these have been previously used by other children. Still the same, your child’s senses are developed.

  • Awareness of Space

    As we provide Child Care Services in Garden Grove, California, we recognize that every activity your child engages in can be a learning opportunity. One of these learning experiences is the awareness of space, wherein they recognize that space can be filled. With building blocks, they get to see that some items fit in a certain space while others don’t. When they become aware of space, they also get to have an improved understanding of their surroundings and how they can make use of the available space they see.

  • Improves Cognitive Ability

    When your child plays with blocks, they get to think and analyze how the blocks go together. If they want to build certain shapes, they can also develop an understanding of how these blocks should be arranged. Their cognitive skills can be worked out the more they are given the time to play with blocks.

Is your child already in Kindergarten? Playing with building blocks is ideal for this age and even younger. As soon as your child learns how to grasp and hold things, they can start making explorations with building blocks.

Would you like to put your child in an independence-nurturing learning environment? Come to Shepherd Montessori Learning Center. Your child is welcome to join our other learners so that together, they can experience the great benefits of our Montessori principle. For your inquiries, just ask us.

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