This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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NEW LOCATION IN GARDEN GROVE IS NOW OPEN!!! We offer toddler class (from 18months), preschool (from 2yrs to 5yrs), kindergarten and also school age programs, 1st grade to 6th grade. It has a beautiful playground and many fruit trees, wonderful atmosphere place, upgraded classroom and with very good and experienced teachers.

New Location:
9221 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

714- 283-2857


7:00am-7:00pm (Mon-Fri)


Multiple Intelligences: A Genius in Every Child


There are many kinds of intelligence your child may exhibit – each talent is surely a treasure. Shepherd Montessori Learning Center celebrates the genius in every child. Our Montessori learning center in Garden Grove, California, helps children explore and nurture their talents.

As early as kindergarten, a child’s talent can manifest. You may have noticed your kid taking good care of plants or be able to connect with pets very easily. This is naturalistic intelligence – they love the environment and are sensitive to changes in nature. Your kid may be naturally talented with music – singing or playing an instrument.

Some children show great logic and excel in mathematics and puzzles. Children can also show great interpersonal intelligence, the ability to connect with others and understand social situations. An intra-personal intelligent kid has a great grasp of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions – helping them understand the whole world. Those with high levels of existential intelligence often think deeper, raising questions on philosophy and morals.

Learning and using effective words to communicate are signs of linguistic intelligence. Young kids can also show the excellent mind and body coordination needed for sports or dancing. Another intelligence is about considering things in three dimensions, showing creativity, and vivid imagination.

Learn more about our child care service in Orange, California. Call us now!

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