This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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The Great Benefits of Chores to Your Toddler

The Great Benefits of Chores to Your Toddler

In our previous blog post, we’ve shared how you can encourage your child to help out at home through supervised chores. As a Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California, we always go for activities that can build up a child’s sense of independence and confidence, and doing age-appropriate chores at home is one of them.

Indeed, we even cater to these kinds of activities in our Montessori-based programs. In our multi-age classroom, your child gets to do and accomplish tasks that are intended for their age. This means that when properly supervised, children can really achieve great things.

With that being said, let us reinforce the concept of assigning chores to children with this list of benefits when they actually do chores.

  • Improves a Child’s Wellbeing

    As your child grows, they don’t only increase in physical stature. Their emotional and cognitive stature also develops. On and on, you will find different opportunities to support their knowledge that they are competent on their own. However, your child can feel even more affirmed of their personhood when they get to do some tasks and get to finish them by themselves. At the end of the task, your child will feel competent, thus increasing their sense of healthy mind. You can achieve this through age-appropriate chores.

  • Deepens Your Bond

    Doing chores together at home can also be a great opportunity for parents and children to bond together. As we seek to provide quality Child Care Service in Garden Grove, California, we’ve seen that children gain a deeper sense of belongingness through a shared experience. You can achieve this at home when you consistently engage your child to do chores and do these with you. For instance, you can set the plates together or fold their clothes together. For many busy parents, doing chores with your child can be a great alternative for a productive bonding experience.

  • Nurtures a Child’s Independence

    Our multi-age Kindergarten classroom allows sufficient room for your child to explore and accomplish tasks ideal for their age. This helps them to feel independent and capable. This same sense is also achieved when you are assigning an age-appropriate chore to your child. They will feel more confident about doing the task while feeling independent that something can be done all by themselves.

When it comes to assigning chores to your child, remember that everything you do for your child can prepare them for the great future ahead. Consider it as a wise investment to foster their independent adulthood so that when they become their own persons, they can handle themselves better even when you’re no longer around.

At Shepherd Montessori Learning Center, we provide you with further opportunities to nurture your child’s ability to handle things on their own. Even as you assign their tasks at home, you can trust that they will be even more harnessed with our supervision. If you have further questions about the services we provide, contact us.

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