This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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What Healthy Eating Habits to Adapt at Home

What Healthy Eating Habits to Adapt at Home

As your child develops healthy eating habits, you are also helping them gain further improvements in their learning and growth. Being your trusted provider of Child Care Service in Garden Grove, California, we recognize that nurturing healthy eating habits in children can be challenging at times. However, this is also not impossible to attain.

You can trust that when it comes to your child’s welfare and health, you have our support. We even observe healthy eating in our classes, especially during our designated meal times. A sample of our menu is found here.

Meanwhile, we cheer for you in creating healthy eating habits at home. Here are our recommendations:

  • Make healthy choices accessible and available at home.

    For instance, you can always display fresh fruits and vegetables on the table where your child can easily see and request for. By making these available, they can be encouraged to evaluate their food choices from what they see. In so doing, you avoid dictating them what they should eat.

  • Eating together as a family is another way to improve your child’s healthy eating habits.

    In our Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California, we group the children together during snack times. When they eat with other children, they can take their cue on how proper eating is done and they can also be motivated to eat. This can be even more highlighted when you’re eating as a family.

  • Get your child to plan the meals with you.

    This can be your way of nurturing their decision-making skills. Ask them what they want to eat for the week and then take them to the grocery store. When your child is fully aware of what’s going to be served on the table, they will be more interested in what they’re going to eat.

  • Aside from regular meals, involve your child is also planning for their snacks.

    Solicit their idea as to what they want to eat. However, if their requests include junked foods, then be careful with declining. Be firm with your decision however so that your child can see why these foods should not be eaten.

  • Remind your child to also eat slowly.

    When they are biting and chewing slowly, their brains are given ample time to recognize that they are already full. If ever your child asks for another serving, let them wait just to check if they are truly hungry. By doing so, you can get to determine if they are still truly hungry or just trying to munch for the sake of it.

At Shepherd Montessori Learning Center, we’re here to support you in your endeavors to bring out the best in your child. As early as Kindergarten or earlier years, we provide a nurturing environment in our classes so that your child can learn to develop learning on their own. If you want your child to experience our multi-age classroom, enroll them today. For your inquiries, ask us.

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