This is the art of serving the spirit an art which can be practiced perfection only when working among children.

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NEW LOCATION IN GARDEN GROVE IS NOW OPEN!!! We offer toddler class (from 18months), preschool (from 2yrs to 5yrs), kindergarten and also school age programs, 1st grade to 6th grade. It has a beautiful playground and many fruit trees, wonderful atmosphere place, upgraded classroom and with very good and experienced teachers.

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Why Your Child Should be in a Montessori School

Why Your Child Should be in a Montessori School

Parents are always in search of the best learning exposure for their children. If you have not been introduced to the curriculum of a Montessori Learning Center in Orange, California, then this post is for you.

So, should you enroll your child in a Montessori school or not? Let these points guide you.

  • Free Movements

    Children inside a Montessori classroom are given the freedom to move around. With a teacher supervising their activities, children can get engaged in a particular school activity for as long as they choose to. This freedom helps a child to decide for themselves, develops their sense of self-control, and nurtures their sense of independence.

  • Multi-Age Classroom

    One of the outstanding elements of a Montessori-based Kindergarten is that it is multi-age. Even children below five years old can interact and be with older children. In this kind of setting, children get to be familiar with the age differences. As a result, older children develop responsibility while the younger ones learn how to respect.

  • Quality Learning Materials

    Most of the educational materials in a Montessori-based classroom are visual. They visually attract children so that these little ones can be interested to engage with these materials. This kind of visual appeal can also entice children to explore the material for as long as they want during class hours.

  • Respecting a Child’s Pace

    Our educators at Shepherd Montessori Learning Center know and recognize that children have their own sets of learning pace. We do not force children to learn beyond their personal stage. Instead, we pay attention to their interest and assist them to grow and learn in their own way. This method nurtures a child’s confidence and belief that learning can be fun.

  • Practical Life Approach

    Many activities in a Montessori-based program deal with real-life activities. This is our intentional approach of training children with respect to the real experiences they may encounter in life. We provide them with age-appropriate chores so that they learn how to be responsible on their own. They also develop the skill of handling conflicts whenever it arises.

  • Wider Community

    In this setting of a Montessori-based Child Care Service in Garden Grove, California, children are also spending time with other tots of different cultures. They develop a sense of community as children, accepting and embracing the diversity and uniqueness of each other’s culture. They learn to respect one another’s differences. This attribute is very essential for when the child grows up and meets with different kinds of people.

These are among the many reasons why Montessori education is ideal for children. Are you in search of the ideal methods of building your child’s foundation? Visit us at Shepherd Montessori Learning Center! Allow your child to explore our center so you can see how they will enjoy the experiences they have.

If you would also like to explore more about our programs, just contact us for your inquiries.

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